“ rather than accepted, female bisexuality is “encouraged” on the sole grounds that it be palatable to straight men. bisexual women are presented in hypersexualized contexts, as sexual objects for the hegemonic straight male gaze, while directly or covertly appealing to a quasi-pornographic fantasy of a (two females and one male) threesome, and while also reassuring us that these women are not really bisexual, but are simply behaving so for the satisfaction of the presumed male spectator. ”
- shiri eisner, bi: notes for a bisexual revolution, p.159
track: Cut My Skin It Makes Me Human
artist: The Gits
album: Frenching the Bully
play count: 1465



The Gits - Cut My Skin It Makes Me Human 1992

RIP Mia Zapata  (August 25, 1965 – July 7, 1993)

(On the evening of July 7, 1993, Mia Zapata was brutally raped and murdered while walking home from a bar in Seattle. She was the lead singer of the budding band, The Gits. She is gone, but most certainly not forgotten.)



i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth out ??

"I’M BLEEDING….. that’s okay i can still do it"


wanted to draw a pretty morrigan u//u


All five portraits together and finished!