so hear me out, bucky is starting to recover his memories but new york is too much for him so he does what all avengers (whether theyre officially avengers or not) do when things are too much and high tails it out to california

he meets kate there and by meets I mean she’s doing her usual biting off more than she can chew thing and he helps her out. he’s not quite sure why he steps in, something about a wannabe hero in an alleyway facing down bullies that she cant possibly hope to beat tugs at the fragments of memories in his head. and wow she is just as ungrateful as the stringy brat he halfway remembers, all over done bravado and thank you very much but I totally didnt need a strangers help I have got this super hero business completely under control

most of the thugs escape but theres one that bucky’s got a hold of and the winter soldier’s instincts take over for a moment and he moves to kill him but then kate is there at his shoulder, swatting his head saying are you new to this or something we dont do that sort of thing

bucky’s very confused because this weird girl is chattering at him like he’s not a deadly assassin and she says ‘we’ who is we? he’s very confused now and the thug twists out of his grasp and slips away, he makes like he’s going to disappear into the night as well but kate grabs his elbow and leads him back out onto the street offhandedly mentioning something about ‘pancakes’ and ‘great all night diner’ and ‘but do you have money tho?’

they keep running into each other like that for awhile and kate always drags him out for breakfast food afterwards (for which he always has to pay)

long story short they bond over repeated chance meetings and pancakes and bc he maybe lets something slip, something vague, about being the winter soldier and the things that were done to him, and kate doesnt recoil and she doesnt pity him, she doesnt say any bullshit about it ‘getting better’ she just says yeah it sucks in a short clipped tone then flicks a sausage at his head and laughs when he uses his super soldier reflexes to snap his head back and catch it in his mouth.

track: Sea of Love
artist: Cat Power
album: The Covers Record
play count: 15379

and they lightened bull too

ok bioware ok

i’m sorry am i seeing things or have they made sera even paler

by torradh


ezra miller playing the flash is super awesome but also pls consider:

  • sir ian mckellan as magneto
  • anna paquin as rogue
  • ellen page as shadowcat
  • also alan cumming as nightcrawler 

like. kudos to miller but we queers have been here and playing superheroes for a while now thank u


❝ what? there’s no applause? 

ppl who never rant or rave or add any commentary in their tags make me nervous


dear sweet baby jesus